Thursday, 26 March 2009

On my desk ...

Nicholas Culpeper
published "The Complete Herbal" in 1653.

My edition, my oldest book, is "Brook's Culpepper's Herbal Improved" - presumably originally owned by Charles Cottrell Junior, as he has signed his name on several pages, but I don't know who he was. I had it from my aunt years ago.
Second edition by Richard Brook, exact date not known, c1850.
It has 30 colour plates,428 pages of plant descriptions and herbal remedies, plus Index of Plants, Index to Remedies and Medical Preparations, and Index to Diseases.
....... a great read!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Gorgeous Roses for Mother's Day

A beautiful bouquet arrived this afternoon so I thought I would have a few pics here for a few days ....

Saturday, 14 March 2009

...... my week .....

This week has been quite a mixture of things -
Jane & Joseph brought a lovely bouquet of tulips to cheer me last weekend as I had not been well for several days ...
Friends Sue & Maureen came on Tuesday and we enjoyed playing with Tyvek - the mosaic shows a few details.
They gave me the silk butterfly, bead motif, and fusible ribbon, nice with the Tyvek pieces I made, but I haven't done anything with them yet ....
Wednesday was exciting - my new sewing machine arrived so I have been playing with it since - again nothing seriously made yet ...
Thursday I had results of hip x-ray and Doc said it seems probable both hips need replacing - so that's likely to cause disruption in the months ahead - but I'm sure I'll be delighted when I am more mobile!
Today I did a bit of stitching on a picture I'm hoping to finish for my cousin's birthday and took some photographs of the tulips before they fade ..... another week gone!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Cross Stitch framed with fabrics

I have lots of small cross stitch pictures tucked away, never used and I've enjoyed adding fabric frames and showing details in this mosaic. The daisy with french knots is a favourite but it needed an uplift which I think the fabric has given it - now it will be tucked away again!
The pansy is now a Post Card.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Post Card - "Flower Patch"

Printed patch fabric, machined, hand stitched, & beads added.
6x4lives group monthly personal challenge, for March.
and for