Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Yesterday we went to the local common for a while before having a lovely lunch at a country pub.
It would have been nice to walk a little way - the sun was warm and lots of 'seniors'
were out taking in Autumn - but I enjoyed taking a few photos from the car park - nearly as good.
Many thanks to all my friends here and on Flickr for your recent good wishes - yes Carolyn, I do try to "enjoy the moment" every day - there's always something to perk me up!

Sunday, 27 September 2009


This month has come and nearly gone.....

I haven't done much crafting as it has been an unsettled time.
Several hospital visits, a short stay for Femoral Balloon Angioplasty, some days feeling sorry for myself, and still no improvement in mobility!
I'm hoping things will be better in October - next consultation soon - hopefully about having a back injection to improve things.
The Autumn mosaic is from a fabric postcard I made a year ago - I'll shake myself up soon, get positive, and stop moaning.
I have ideas but they don't seem to be coming together - and Christmas crafting is around the corner ......
Do something, silly woman!