Sunday, 27 September 2009


This month has come and nearly gone.....

I haven't done much crafting as it has been an unsettled time.
Several hospital visits, a short stay for Femoral Balloon Angioplasty, some days feeling sorry for myself, and still no improvement in mobility!
I'm hoping things will be better in October - next consultation soon - hopefully about having a back injection to improve things.
The Autumn mosaic is from a fabric postcard I made a year ago - I'll shake myself up soon, get positive, and stop moaning.
I have ideas but they don't seem to be coming together - and Christmas crafting is around the corner ......
Do something, silly woman!



Dear Connie

It will come ...

I love your mosaic very much. You have used very special colours to show this lovely time when the leaves are yellowing but it's not quite full autumn time

Enjoy the moment

Carolyn xx

Jackie said...

Thinking of you. You don't have to be crafting to blog. I like just hearing from you.I'm sorry your health is not the best but lets hope things will be better soon.

Maureen said...

Glad to see you back Connie, it's ok to feel sorry for yourself and to share your problems with us then we can all 'wish' you well.

libbyquilter said...

i remember this sweet postcard~!!~ and i love the mosaic that you've created here~!!~
hope you begin to feel better soon but until then; don't beat yourself up~!!!~


Gilly said...

I do hope things soon improve for you. Backs are murder - I know, I had spinal surgery on mine and it made it worse! :-(

Whatever happens, grab all offers of physiotherapy - it does help if you get the right sort!

I love your Autumn card, and I LOVE that new header! Is that your own work too? You are so clever. any sort of needlework was never my thing, but I do admire those who can, and so beautifully!


Just thinking of you x