Saturday, 5 April 2008

It's really Saturday 5th April! Bamboo Fibre - Gorgeous Colours!
I called at a local needlework shop yesterday to buy a few embroidery cottons -
what did I see but packets of fantastic
Hand -Dyed Bamboo Fibre in several colours,
from Stef Francis.
So I spent far more than I had intended - as crafters always do!
This morning I've taken several photos, edited them into a variety of colour ways, and later I'll print them off ATC size on inkjet cotton fabric ready to embellish with threads, silk ribbon and beads. And I still have the lovely fibres to make needlefelt - so I think I made a great buy!
I just had to buy a few more beads too as they looked so appealing on the stand - I think I have enough to start my own bead shop already - why do we have this compulsion to buy so much???

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Maureen said...

We buy because we're Crafters and that's what crafters do! Wish I had a local shop like yours, that fibre looks really good - maureen x