Thursday, 30 October 2008


Many thanks Maureen for this award
also one from Jackie

I have to pass it on and will do my best, though the technical details of doing this usually confuse me!

"It is awarded to 5 people, 4 who are regular followers of your blog and one from a different country who is new to your blog. Also link back to the blog that the award came from."

I am passing it on to the following five bloggers :-

Kim at
Sandi at
Dawne at
I can't get comments onto your blog Dawne so I hope you pick this up from here.

Ati at
Kathleen at

Please all pass the award on to other friends who follow your blog.
Sorry I don't know how to make the simple click link from just a name - it's beyond me!


Dawne said...

thank you konny for the award xxxxx

Mooneybeams said...

Thank you Connie!

The click link is easy - have two Internet Explorer windows open, one on the post you are typing and the second the blog that you want to link to. You type in the person's name and highlight it. Then you click on the icon with a chain link and the world on the edit bar of where you are typing your post (just to the right of where you can select the font and the size etc). It'll pop up a little window and then all you do is copy and paste the blog address into the 'URL' line of the pop-up window and click OK and it creates a click link for you! Hope that makes sense - I'm not very good at explaining things!

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Your explanation reads very clearly Kim - many thanks.
I'm still struggling though! LOL Connie.

magikquilter said...

Thank you so much Connie, I had so much trouble with linking for so long until Ii asked my son to d...o...w...n
so that I could actually see the steps he took to get the link.

Then it took me three more times until I wrote those steps down to actually get it!! Thanks again...I will have to get him to add it to my blog though...I am pathetic

Jackie said...

Well doen anyway konny. Glad you accepted the award. I love your photography.