Saturday, 27 June 2009

My week

has been mixed ......

lovely sunny days, lots of tennis to watch (Wimbledom on TV), photos of flowers and mosaics at
but restricted time on PC because of arthritis flare in mouse/typing arm and shoulder, and two hospital visits for on going problems (still unresolved, more investigations to come).
The cockerel postcard was stitched when I was on holiday - the final monthly personal challenge for 6x4lives group on Flickr and the mosaic shows them all.
Top left June 2009, bottom right July 2008.
I had not previously stitched postcards but now I'm addicted as I enjoy stitching small pieces.


Kathleen said...

hi connie...glad you've had some sunny days and sorry about the flare up. I had a bit of one with my half hexies so am taking it slowly!

Hope you get some answers before to long with the specialists.

The cockerel is delightful!

Ilena said...

Sorry to hear you had not been well. thinking of you and hoping you will have some resolutions soon.

Jackie said...

Hi Conny, thanks for your comment on QA. I thought I'd commented here but obviously not..I love this collection of work.