Sunday, 23 August 2009

Blackberries .....
About 50 years ago we bought a 'Himalayan Giant' blackberry plant and planted it 'out of the way' at the end of the garden.
What we didn't realise was that, OK, we have had lovely big blackberries for cooking each year - but - we have also had blackberry briars growing everywhere in the garden and they take a lot of digging out!
I guess most of our neighbours have plenty too!
Well we have enjoyed pie, crumble, bbs with custard, bbs with meringues, bbs with apples, bbs with pears, and bbs in the freezer for later, over & over & over.
50 years on and I've decided we deserve something more original. So I Googled and found new ideas .......several I'll try, though I'm not too sure about Blackberry & Apple Yorkshire Puddings!
There are lots - one link to 42 recipes is below - sorry I can never get a click link here, but copy and paste works if you are interested.

Oh! I nearly forgot - mashed up, the berries make a lovely fabric and fibre dye!


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

(surrounded as I am by blackberries)

Gilly said...

I love blackberries, but haven't found any this year, much to my sorrow! In a previous house, and garden we planted not one but 2 Himalayan giants, and ended up with a thicket! Our courgette plants escaped into the thicket, and it wasn't until the leaves fell that I found several huge marrows entangled with the briars!!


I love your blackberry mosaic Connie. I've been picking loads of blackberries this week up the lane. I made jam

I like the sound of blackberries with Yorkshire Puddings. My favourite way with a Yorkshire Pud is with treacle/golden syrup as a pudding. I also love Aunt Bessies puds still frozen! Yes, I am weird!

Carolyn ♥

Jackie said...

What a beautiful mosaic.
I like blackberry pie and custard..just that.
you could vary it with acrumble top.
I like the sound of the Yorkshire puds.