Thursday, 29 October 2009

.. more Autumn colours ..

I haven't been blogging often recently as I'm in an unsettled mood, not doing anything very interesting or original ...
I had a lovely collection of red fibres from Carolyn, recently though and really enjoyed sorting out a few bits and pieces to send to her.
Some of the fibres I found were lovely Autumn colours so I made yet another mosaic, adding a couple of pics of an Assisi piece I did some years ago - it's now in Priscilla's dining room in New Mexico,
The red fibres are lovely for Christmas work - hopefully I'll get inspiration to use them soon.



I love your mosaic Connie. I was enjoying it on flickr. I have had a whale of a time with my package from you. I have enjoyed handling the threads and bits n bobs and sorting into my boxes. I have blogged some more of your bits today on my textile blog - gold and orange

Have a lovely weekend. I'm off to see mum & dad for a few days and then will start some Christmas stitching when I get back

Carolyn x

WendyK said...

Gorgeous colours Connie, I love needlepoint