Friday, 20 June 2008

Happy Memories

Happy memories twinged with sadness
to day as I remember my dear 'mom'.
She was born on 20th June 1904 and lived to be 91.
She left school at 14 as she was the eldest of three girls. She was Cathie, the others, Edie and Alice. Their father died in the 'flu epidemic of 1918 so she had to go out to work, as did their mother, to make ends meet.
She married Arthur and they had my sister Beryl and me. Sadly dad died of cancer at 61 and mom lived on her own for over 30 years.
She was a much loved and loving inspiration to all our family,
very knowledgeable, despite leaving school so young.
I owe much to her, not least my love of gardens, flowers, art, crafting and reading - a wonderful legacy I will always appreciate!


Katherine said...

A beautiful picture of her.

Shaz said...

lovley connie, thanks for sharing :-)