Thursday, 19 June 2008

A lovely gift.

My "learn something new everyday" resolution turned out great today.
My cousin Megan called and I admired the dress ring she was wearing. She said it's Tanzanite gem stones set in gold ..... and would I like it as it's not one of her favourites.
After a few feeble arguments on my side she insisted that I should have it!
I haven't had a new ring for ages and I'm delighted.
And I've looked up tanzanite - it comes only from Tanzania, a semi precious gemstone in shades of blue to lavender.
What a lovely day this has turned into!

...... and tonight I managed to upload a clock - something I tried to do several times before without success ...... ooh, I've learnt a lot today, no wonder I'm tired!


Ati. Norway. said...

Connie how beautiful !! you have a very generous cousin !

Leticia said...

Hi Connie, I just found you through Flickr - I am loving and so inspired by your beautiful work.
Lovely site.

Shaz said...

beautiful ring connie, and glad you got the clock - its frustrating not being able to get something isnt it lol??