Wednesday, 23 July 2008

ATC 'In th Garden'

John and I enjoy the scenery when watching the Tour de France - though we know little about the racing and the complicated system of points. I knew we would sit and watch lots today as it was going through the Alps so I sorted out an old piece of crash linen and did this simple freestyle embroidery - one eye on one thing & one on the other! I always enjoy doing this kind of naive, very basic, stitching.


Maureen said...

It's really pretty Connie!

Mooneybeams said...

This is really lovely! Reminds me of a sampler that my Grandmother has that some family member did back in in the late 1600s - has that antique and simple feel. Love it x

Leticia said...

Beautiful work as always Connie. Please come visit I have something for you.