Wednesday, 10 September 2008

My "Learn Something New Every Day" Challenge

I'm really enjoying seeing a different Monet at the side each day - today a favourite. As it appears in print in several different forms I looked it up in google - and found this picture of Monet, with comment
"When he didn't paint he liked to be well dressed .... he had a funny & complicated way of dressing ..."
Hmmm! Well it looks like I've got something in common with him - both eccentric! Shame the art talent isn't shared!


ewa-christine said...

I is also hapiness!!

Mooneybeams said...

Of course the art talent is shared! Your stitched ATCs are something very special and out of the ordinary and I prize mine!

Me said...
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Sanderella said...

You have more than eccentricism in common! Trust me!