Saturday, 2 January 2010

Wishing all my friends a happy and healthy New Year .....

I am resigned to lots more sitting and enjoying crafting each day, as before.
The spine injections I had in December, after so many months of other treatments, still haven't improved my mobility a lot - but at least I don't have a hospital appointment for three whole months.
I haven't knitted for about 25 years - saw a book about knitting squares for blankets, and started to explore different textures in knitting.
I doubt I'll make enough squares for a blanket though!
These are all in the same wool - a nice light cream - sorry the colours and shadows here are so poor.
It's quite homely sitting by the fire knitting.



Happy New Year Connie

Enjoy your knitting by the fire. Sounds so cosy. I still haven't got around to crochet flowers yet, I'm naughty arn't I? I still want to have a go though ... inspired by you

Have a lovely weekend
Carolyn xxxx

Jeana Marie said...

Best wishes for the New Year, Connie :)

Maria T. said...

Happy New Year Connie. Glad to see that you are back on your blog. The knitting looks great. It will make a lovely knee rug to keep you warm in all this snow.Hoping that the new treatment will start showing results soon.Love, Maria T.

Jackie said...

Happy New Year Connie. Your stitch patterns are beautiful. I just can't understand knitting and can just about follow a pattern but when it says things like 'repeat for other side; I'm sunk. Its good that you are able to do a bit more craft. I hope the injections do the trick.

Textile Art Showcase said...

Hi Connie - just found your blog. Very nice too. Your knitted squares are lovely. I do hope your mobility improves very soon. I am sure that this awful weather can't be helping much. Best wishes. Ann

libbyquilter said...

what lovely textures are possibel with knitting~!!~ it's not something i know how to do but i sure wish i did . . . it does sound cozy, there by your fire~!~