Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Not a lot of blogging recently!
Days have ticked over, indoors because of the snow, knit, stitch, watch tennis when it's on TV, eat & drink coffee (mostly, but a few glasses of wine as well!), take a few photos from windows or doorstep, and generally pass the time quite happily.
This is a textile postcard I stitched - "Snowy Garden"
It represents Winter Flowering Jasmine amongst swirls of snow - a quilted background with embellishment.


WendyK said...

Gorgeous Connie, love the delicate colours

libbyquilter said...

a wonderful card~!!~ i really should visit your blog more often as i gather so much inspiration from you~!!~

take care.



Hello dear Connie

I was so pleased to hear from you today. You have been on my mind a lot the past two weeks because I owe you a longer note and I just haven't had a moment for flickr or very much blog commenting. I will explain in a longer note, which I hope to write tomorrow (a flickr mail). I'm out again this afternoon, so I am just trying to catch up with a few short blog notes and then there will be more time to write to you tomorrow. I know you understand ;o) xx

I love your textile piece "Snowy Garden". The materials you have used are exquisite and very beautiful. I also love your header photo. Your Christmas Rose in the snow (two more favourite things!)

Have a lovely weekend dear Connie
Much love
Carolyn xx

Amelia said...

This sounds so heavenly!!! I have such a busy life that it's nice to know that I may look forward to a time when I can sit and stitch quietly, drink tea and take photo's from around me and generally potter!

I went out for a walk today in the sunshine (rare sunshine!) and took lots of photo's and it was lovely to see some crocuses. I love the flowers you have here!