Sunday, 10 August 2008

Daisy Daisy

What dreary summer days recently! I cheered up by making a bright post card to send to a friend, Barbara. She inspired me to start textile postcards a few weeks ago by sending me one.
I found the large lazy daisy flower tucked away from long ago, a lovely bright curtain remnant, matching bits and pieces and a few stitches here and there - done. Time flies when you're enjoying yourself.
It's a good thing I gave up HW long ago - there's just not time for it! (Hope you agree Maureen or I may feel guilty!)
John's cooking bacon and it smells lovely so I'll take a break and then find another bright piece of material out and start again!
My favourite books at the moment are by Judith Baker Montano - I have five - her crazy quilting is inspirational!


Maureen said...

Another lovely card!!!

Viv's Visuals said...

Love this. Gorgeous summery feel.....and it's still raining here! xx

Shaz said...

gorgeous colours connie, its fab