Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A Poignant Circle

Today was bitter-sweet. Three from our craft group of ten - which has met monthly for over twelve years - met with Pat, a dear member who had a severe stroke earlier in the year. We have visited her before but this was our first craft day with her. We are all right handed but we painted with our left hands, as Pat can only do that now - we have always enjoyed challenges and laughter at our efforts and did so once again. It's difficult as Pat has also lost her speech.
We know each other so well and we enjoyed being together crafting once again, albeit also sad.
Now we have done this we'll move on and help Pat as best we can - our paintings weren't brilliant, but then we never were artists - Pat was always much the best watercolourist and today her painting was the best too.
The poignant circle is made from a pretty ribbon card she sent me some time ago - one of many keepsakes that have now become more precious. There is something about the circle - it comes from a lovely embroidery - yet it's now so different - life can be like that! Yes, bitter-sweet.

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Maureen said...

It was good that you did that today, Roy had told me of a Bowling friend who'd had a stroke and one game they all bowled with their left hands so that he could join in.