Monday, 11 May 2009

"I grow old, ever learning many things."
- Solon.
Today I'm 74 (not from choice! LOL) and yes, most days I try to "learn" something new, though remembering it is the problem!
How lucky we are to have www at hand with more info than we will ever be able to take in.
But I'm indulging in nostalgia too.
These trinkets are of little value except for sentiment ....
my mum's watch and necklace, dad's penknife,
John's grandmother's fob watch,
my grandmother's 'treasures' including a Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee commemorative token, 1837-1897
my aunt's thimbles,
salt cellars from a dear friend .......
I don't know who first had the tiny book calendar. It's 1" x 2", from 1898, an advertising freebie from the Midland Educational company ....
worthless things but priceless!
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Gilly said...

Happy Birthday, Connie! I'll catch you up in 6 months time!

that mosaic is absolutely lovely!

Ilena said...

Happy Birthday Connie~
Wishing you all the best!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! You always post such great pictures. I hope your day was happy.
Michelle in the USA

Mooneybeams said...

Happy Birthday Connie! Hope you have a wonderful day and the arthritis flare up is calming down.

Your treatures are beautiful and real treasures at that, little objects with meaning are so special. I have some tiny little felt mice all dressed up in clothes that were made by my Grandad's grandmother - so special even if they're not worth any money at all!