Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Postcard for May

I finished my personal challenge monthly postcard this evening, (Flickr 6x4lives group) - this is what it will look like if I decide to frame it - which is unlikely!
The frame is from Photo suite 7.
Just one more PC to make to complete the set of 12 as I made the first one in July last year - that's another year gone by quickly.
I like doing postcard sized pieces - fairly quick to complete, which suits my style.

I'm always wanting to do something else and I don't give attention to doing things well and finishing off neatly - well, I often don't finish a piece!
As most things just go into a box or drawer it doesn't really matter - I enjoy what I do and that's my main aim.
I'm still struggling with crochet - had fun doing the free form piece at the weekend.


Michelle said...

Oh I love it. Will you at least put all of them together in some sort of photo collage?
Michelle in the USA

Gilly said...

They are very pretty Connie! Seems a shame to put them in a drawer. You should display them somewhere.

Maureen said...

Lovely Connie, they would look really good together in a book!!

Veri said...

again a very lovely piece of you!! I love this embroidery