Friday, 17 July 2009

Darning .....
Many years ago I quite enjoyed darning holes in the heels of my socks (in the days of the second World War we had clothing coupons and had to "make do and mend").

Maybe that's why I love this page from Jan Beaney's book, The Art of the Needle.
This book is one of my best ever Charity shop buys and I come back to it many times.
It's still available on Amazon - buy it if you love fabric and thread!

Having a browse there this morning I decided to stitch something - I wish I could stitch like Jan Beaney!!!!! A square of coarse hessian, only 9x9cm., has been in the scrap box far too long so
I made this mini textured piece - an enjoyable morning.
Now it's time for lunch .....


Heike said...

Ohhhh I love Your Blog, it's beautiful.
Many greetings from Germany

Jackie said...

I bought that very book a long time ago and have always loved them. I think you did them proud.

Viv's Visuals said...

It's been so long since I've been able to visit Connie and I HAVE missed your beautiful creations... have just spent a very pleasant half hour reading through all the posts and admiring your work... hope the injections are working and I promise I'll be back very soon. x


I have this book too - it's gorgeous, crammed full of inspiration

Love your hessian stitching, the colours and threads you used and your little stitches - so lovely

Have a lovely weekend
Love, Carolyn x

ps. I’m back blogging again

Maureen said...

The Hessian is a lovely piece Connie, nothing wrong with it at all!!

Pattie said...

This caught my eye Connie,hope your feeling better now........loveee all your work..x