Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Chunky Tapestry

**!>~** and *:#>* ..... I keep seeing people and having scans and tests and things and I still can't walk or stand for long ..... I know things could be worse, and are for many, but I do get frustrated!
So, yet again I sit - and cheer up by playing at stitching or www browsing!

I've recently seen several remarks on blogs like "life's so short, start everything".
This idea amuses me and it must be at the back of my mind as I'm forever starting something different in crafting - with lots of things put aside unfinished for another day.
On Friday I decided to make a challenge for the weekend when I picked up a small piece of canvas .....
by Sunday this little 11x10cm. picture was finished (amazing - something finished!)
I enjoyed doing it and it has a chunky look and feel.
I started with the ribbon "stripes" on the right, thinking I'd do something abstract.
Well, I'm really a flower person so the flowers came next ..... and then it developed bit by bit, no pattern or drawing, as a mini picture.
I couldn't find any true blue wool for a summer sky - (that must be tucked away in a safe place!) so used some from a card of marl darning wool that goes back to the 1940's.
It isn't as dark as it shows here, the marl effect gives a hint of shading quite nicely.
It's not really framed yet - probably never will be. I used a picnik mat for display effect.
Once again I sat most of the weekend - I do make myself take a short walk down the garden path at intervals - and enjoyed stitching,



Yes it feels good to finish things doesn't it!? This is lovely Connie.


Hi Connie, so nice to hear your thought processes as you stitched, I could almost imagine I am sat beside you stitching with you!

I struggle mentally with "unfinished" things - I dread to think how many there are in the loft, but I have been trying to tackle some of them in between new things - will we ever get there? Does it really matter, so long as we enjoy what we are doing at the moment?

It's pouring with rain and dark in the cottage today, but I'm sending you some sunshine

Lots of love

Jackie said...

Hi Connie, how very frustrating for you to be immobile, but I think you are doing the right thing to keep going for a short walk when you can.
What a good job you have your art and craft to keep you going...and blogging.
handstitching is good exercise!

Gilly said...

Thank you for inviting me to join your photographic group. I feel very honoured, but I belong to quite a few groups already, and I don't feel I could cope with another!

Will be back blogging soon, I hope!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

...and encouraging...
thank you!


This is just beautiful!! :)

I hope things are improving for you health wise x