Thursday, 9 July 2009

Greetings Cards

As I needed a few greetings cards, and I have bought too many recently, I appliqued flowers from a remnant, did a quickie acrylic painting and stitched on fabric earlier this week.

Yesterday I had to be at the local hospital for hip injections at 7.30am -

if they help I may continue with hip replacements later.
At last some action after months of consultations, x-rays, and scans.
Next week an MRI scan on Aorta and arteries in legs - get them sorted - hopefully have a back injection later - and by then I'll be a new woman (I hope!).
Although I had a lot of pain in my left hip yesterday today that feels better and I'll be walking more this morning to test it out.
Maybe I'll be getting a few weeds out of the garden, I haven't done my share there this year.


Gilly said...

Connie, you are just SO creative! I could no more do that than fly to the moon!!


Hi Connie, just popping by to say "hello" and see how you are. I do hope the injections work and you are able to enjoy your garden a bit more. Wishing you a very sunny weekend coming up ....

Love Carolyn x

Michelle said...

These are great! Do you ever sell any of your cards? Hoping your hips give you less trouble now. Not fun to have pain. Those weeds seem to creep up when you least expect it, don't they? Once I've pulled weeds I expect it to stay nice.... never does.

ewa-christine said...

Hope you are better. And have a great day!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

This post really jump-started me!

...and as a result I've started making my own cards again.

They are not at all similar to yours and I'm using very different materials as well, but the first one has been made
( in the company of three very interested children who went on to make their own...)
i wrote it last night
and it's being posted today

THANK YOU for encouraging us!

( thought you might like to know about the results of your blogging in the lives of many other people...)