Friday, 17 April 2009

Wild Violets

This morning I found wild violets behind our compost bin, picked a few, and left lots to seed for next year. I took photos and made yet another mosaic - one of my favourite relaxations.
Helga saw it on Flickr and asked to use it as a header on her blog.
As it looks nice there I decided to use it for a while - I had to change the template too to show it to best advantage.
Well, I always enjoy playing about!
But why do many templates leave such wide margins at each side - I'd rather have more width in the blog .....


Ilena said...

What a lovely find in such an unexpected place. Best wishes & hope you are doing/feeling well.

Murgelchen94 said...

Hello Konny,
now I have a translater.

Veri said...

it looks really very nice. I love the little violets too. We have some wild blue and white in our garden.
have a nice day and hope you are well - Veri

Maureen said...

Love that new header Connie, really must have a go at one for my blog.


Beautiful violets, what a lovely find. I like your new look header and blog layout, it looks lovely. Now I'm heading over to Helga's blog to see how nice your violets look there ... best wishes, Carolyn