Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Flowers in Chain Stitch ...

My personal challenge is to learn crochet.
I made a few Granny Squares years ago (background here) but can't remember how I did them.
I'm very clumsy with a crochet hook, the yarn keeps slipping, and I can now only do chain stitch .....
..... so I'm practising by making lots of chain stitch flowers which I'll use later on something .....
The French Knot centres help to hide lots of uneven stitches and mistakes but I am getting a bit handier with the hook.
I've ordered a beginner's book, Crochet unravelled, by Claire Bojczuk,
and one called 100 Flowers to Knit And Crochet, by Lesley Stanfield, so when they arrive maybe I'll get better - maybe not, LOL!
I'm really enjoying using scraps of all kinds and colours of wool and threads, just making small chains and linking them.
There are so many web sites and short videos to help but the abbreviations for the stitches complicate things.
Crochet is so easy to undo and redo though. I'm struggling with basic stitches next as I'm inspired by lovely flowers I see in the Flickr crochet flowers group.

...... and a new header photo as blossoms are so beautiful just now.
Fifty years ago our street was planted with a lovely avenue of blossom trees. This one is just outside our lounge window - once again a delight!



A beautiful new header on your blog, Connie, very pretty blossoms. I hope you enjoy your crochet, all those different style flowers sound very lovely. Best wishes, Carolyn


How lovely!! i was trying to learn crochet the other day with our UK visitors - i think i could get the hang of it with more practice. Your flowers are inspiring me!

Gilly said...

Connie, those possies are really pretty! I wouldn't have the patience for little things like that! But I so admire people who have!

And I love your new header!

Michelle said...

I was skipping through blogs and just happened across your blog. You have a great way of using colors. Everything on your blog looks so beautiful. I love flowers as well as needlework. You sure make it nice for other's to look at.
Michelle in USA