Sunday, 26 April 2009

Cigarette Cards

Kensitas flowers were woven from silk and given away with Kensitas cigarettes in 1933 & 1934. Never before or since their issue has a silk been given away contained in an outer protective card.
They were in two collections, about 100 in all I think.
I bought these few, from 1933, at a collectors' fair about twenty years ago. This size was given in packets of 20 cigarettes,
Postcard size given with packets of 50 - I've never seen these.
There are full details at
I've recently seen them used in a crazy quilt so I may use one or two - though it's nice to have them in their original little folders.


Ginny said...

These are absolutely beautiful !! See my 9/28/08 blog entry for my ususual silk flowers.

Jackie said...

I've got a couple of these too. I aquired them from a deceased embroiderers stash.